Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Was there again last night, but on a positive note, the ER doc pushed the gastroenterologist to get me in ASAP, so I saw him today and I explained my rush. Not only am I in constant pain and trying to avoid another pain med addiction, but I may be called to my student teaching placment at any time. So he got me into do an endoscopy this Friday. My relaxing vacation has been anything but. However, I am utterly grateful that this is happening now as opposed to while classes are in session. There is always a bright side and I am trying to find it. :) Right now my daughter is singing to me and making me a birthday cake in her kitchen (it isn't my birthday). And that is just toooo cute and sweet for me not to be in a good mood. She keeps me sane and happy in spite of everything. It is funny that a 3 year old is my rock sometimes, but when you think about it, it is wonderful that my daughter feels needed. Everynight I tell her she makes my heart happy, and it is true. Ok, before you throw up, I will also mention that I have written the first chapter of my book. YAY!

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